Ms Marmite Lover’s Underground Farmers Market held in her home in Kilburn, north west London on Sunday 28th March 2010

Gloria's glorious curds

My fruit curds – Gloria’s Glorious Curds, made from organic fruit and my neighbours hens eggs.

focaccio shots proving, fromMs Marmite's cookery demo

Ms Marmite Lovers focaccio shots were a triumph. She did a demonstration of how to make them.

picante sauce

cookies in cellophane

There were lots of cakes and biscuits to choose from.

the best chocolate brownies

Yummy chocolate brownies.

Lex Eats - napkins

Lex Eats sold bundles of napkins made of 50’s inspired fabrics. I love the way she covered the table with manilla paper and wrote her signs to customers on it.

Lex Eats - napkins

fancy a slice of victoria sponge

The ironing board cocktail bar was the highlight of the event.

sauerkraut and kimchi

As a new convert to pickles, I was thrilled to see and buy some sauerkraut and kimchi, as well as a book on how to make them myself.

peanut butter bake

cupcakes in homemade boxes

Attention to detail and no effort spared. Cupcakes to go packaged in homemade boxes.

crumbelina cupcakes on mantel

Any bit of space was put to good use. Crumbelina’s cupcakes on the mantelpiece.

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