Happy Holiday
Saturday December 17th 2011, 9:41 am

Christmas wreath fashioned from garden cuttings

Apologies for my long absence. I’ve been reassessing how I allocate my time! That and my Mum being ill has given me a lot to think about. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy though. Once you have been following the seasons with ingredients, watching, anticipating, harvesting, canning and preserving for a while, it becomes second nature, the way that you live and a direct and real connection to the food you eat. I’ve become particularly aware of this by being displaced due to my Mum being ill. I have by necessity been spending time away from my home and my patch, the place I have been observing and making use of so intensely for the last few years. It just meant I’ve had to find new connections in a city I left 30 years ago.
Yesterday it was time to rustle up my Christmas wreath. The wreath base has been used on previous occasions and is a favourite; washed and weathered, looseley twisted vine that comes already wrapped with some tatty raffia from a previous incarnation, perfect. I wanted my wreath to be a celebration of what nature has handed me in 2011 and would have searched for a few remaining sloes on branches or scavenged some crab apples of a neighbours tree, but I didn’t want it to turn into a performance. So I just went around the garden looking and snipping and then very simply pushed stems through between the twisted vine base. I used some lengths of straggling clematis that the cold had turned dark crimson, some plump orange-red rosehips, sprigs of bay; the fresh growth tips of bay trees branches, hypericum with black fruits set amongst stunning red tinted leaves and finally some unripe blackberries that found themselves double-crossed by deceiving weather conditions. You don’t need much for it to work. My tip if you are new to this sort of thing and want to have a go, is to use your foliage in 3’s, to give a loosley structured and organic result odd numbers work best.
I hope that you enjoy the holiday season ahead, whatever it means to you and look forward to starting afresh in 2012. In such uncertain times one thing shouts out to me loud and clear – CANNING IS THE WAY TO GO! Just saying. Have a good one.

Gloria, So glad to hear from you again. I’ve missed your posts, but I know how much effort blogging is and everyday life needs to take precedance. Even before I read the post I was going to comment on the beautiful wreath. And it is!!! I love that you made it from things from the garden. It’s just what every country home needs. I hope the new year treats you well. Welcome back.

Comment by Bonnie 12.17.11 @ 7:37 pm

helloooo and welcome back!

during your absence, i had visited your blog pretty often and just found you are back.

your wreath looks gorgeous and is my kind of wreath. i’ve just hung my handmade couronne de Noël naturell (only with dried vines and berries) on my door myself, but i really wish i had seen this before that.

anyway, happy holigays to you, too, from japan!

Comment by keiko 12.18.11 @ 12:27 pm

Welcome back. It’s hard when someone close to you is not well isn’t it. Hunter gathering can be a huge comfort at times like this. Wishing you well and nice to see your blogs. Beachhutcook

Comment by Beachhutcook 12.18.11 @ 2:35 pm

I can relate to your reassessing how you allocate your time. This is an ongoing project for me. Your wreath is lovely!

Comment by Denise | Chez Danisse 12.23.11 @ 3:16 am