Wednesday August 19th 2009, 9:36 am

wild damsons

I thought I would post some pictures of the wild damsons I found growing by the roadside in the heart of the forest. I really must remember to keep a set of step ladders in the car for such eventualities, as there is always fruit just out of arms reach that you have to come to terms with giving up on.
When I got home a neighbour had left a bag of plums hanging on the door handle of the front door. I’m not sure who, but I suspect it was Helen and Steve (at the end) who two days ago passed by as I wobbled about on the top of a stone wall, picking more damsons from a tree overhanging the road. Those damsons were growing in someones garden and are larger than the wild ones I found yesterday. I hasten to add I had permission to wobble about on their wall. Helen and Steve asked me if I was scrumping (is it called scrumping for plums, or does that term only apply to apple picking?). I think I may be gaining a reputation.
I am thrilled with my damson crop as they are just about my favourite fruit for preserving and don’t need to be used in any oity-toity combination with anything. They are just perfect on their own.

wild damsons

Am jealous of your find! Damson jam has to be one of my favourites and I would be tremendously excited to happen across some growing in the wild. I have a damson bush in my garden but it stubbornly refuses to fruit. Sigh.

Comment by Daily Spud 08.19.09 @ 9:52 am

Damson jam IS my favourite and this year is a really good one.I was very sad to read an article at the weekend bemoaning the loss of yet more orchards,partically of damsons.They are not a commercially available fruit and can be variable in terms of crop but when they have a good year the freezer is full to overflowing.Perhaps Hugh or Jamie should start a campaign to save our native fruit trees.Can I recommend you take out an old walking stick,Gloria.As children we never went to pick blackberries or apples inc.crab, with out a stick.Great for hooking those really prickly stems or lowering branches.

Comment by judy Dann 08.19.09 @ 12:54 pm

daily spud, damsons grow on spikey untidy trees, perhaps your bush is a sloe.
This is a bumper damson year gloria the two old trees that we have are laden with the round blackblue fruit. We invited friendly beekeeper fruit pickers in to harvest the excess plums,[beekeepers seem to be jam makers too] as we were not at home we tied a ribbon round the damson trees to preserve those for ourselves,
there are plenty for you if you need more.

Comment by deborah s m 08.20.09 @ 9:06 am

Oh, how lovely! I wish there was more wild fruit around the area in which I live!

Comment by Marisa 08.20.09 @ 8:57 pm

Wonderful shots. And the greenage and vanilla jam sounds delicious

Comment by Alex 08.25.09 @ 10:57 am

Hi, I have just stumbled upon your website whilst trying to identify a huge crop of what we hoped were damsons found on a walk in our local woods. Judging by your photo and the leaves I collected we have hit the jackpot!! I cannot wait to try some recipes with them and go back for more – the tree is huge and no-one seems to know what they are as it is absolutely brimming with fruit. Thank you for having such a fantastic website!

Comment by Heather 09.14.09 @ 2:26 pm