Friday June 19th 2009, 2:07 pm

summer flowers and tea cosy

The countryside in June is utterly lush. Before leaving home for work this morning I took the opportunity to pick a bunch of flowers from the garden for the shop. I simply cut single stems of one thing, two or three stems of something else, just whatever took my fancy until I’d made up a sizeable bunch. There was no real editing as regards colours with one exception – I still can’t get my head around bright yellow flowers, but apart from instinctively ignoring that part of the spectrum, all other colours were allowed.

summer flowers in The Laundry at Taurus

I included a few stems of herb robert, that seeds itself everywhere, so can be safely classified as a weed, some comfrey and three lovely scented country roses, filling in the gaps with ladies mantle. So far my arrangement has sparked off several conversations with customers and many admiring comments. Now, not only is the countryside out there rich and verdant, my shops pretty damn floribundant as well. Oh by the way – fabulous flower topped handmade tea cosies, exclusive to The Laundry can be found here.

summer flowers and tea cosy

Love the tea cosies and are those Ragged Roses Lavender sachets I spy there?

Comment by re 06.19.09 @ 4:44 pm

you musn’t fall into the English middle class garden snobbery about not liking yellow flowers! Think of Christopher LLoyd and what he has done for Dahlias![come to think of it I don’t like the yellow one!]
There are some wonderful yellows in the garden, rudbekias, bidens, thalictrums,evening primroses, anthemis,mix them with white feverfew or white willowherb [epilobium] and the ubiquitous alchemilla. lime green and white with yellow is a wonderul combination, the list is extensive.. perhaps there is an article here!

Comment by deborah s m 06.24.09 @ 1:03 pm

Deborah – It isn’t that I have a blanket dislike of yellow flowers, it is that the colour doesn’t combine so nicely with pinks and greens. On their own, all the flowers you mention are lovely or mixed as you say, with other specifically chosen flowers. They don’t mix so well in a random way. Am I still middle class?
Re – see the lovely french seed packet lavender sachets now on The Laundry’s website <>

Comment by laundryetc 06.26.09 @ 9:34 am

Cutting your own bunches of flowers has to be my absolute favoutite, though my garden groans everytime I head out there with the secateurs!

I know what you mean about ‘yellow’ flowers – I guess a few in a bouquet can just about be OK, for me that is.

Have a lovely weekend,

Nina x

ps. I have just stumbled across you blog!

Comment by Nina - Tabiboo 06.26.09 @ 7:08 pm

I must confess to not being a lover of yellow flowers although.. ox eye daisies are magnificent in their droves.. as are my dazzling day lilies..
A little splash of gold is better than none..

Love the new photos on the website…!

Michele x

Comment by Michele 06.27.09 @ 10:24 am