Monday December 10th 2007, 1:03 pm

Vintage Kenwood Christmas

When it comes to food mixers there seem to be two main camps; do you choose Kenwood or Kitchenaid? The other day I realised that I was longing for a new Kitchenaid Artisan mixer (perhaps in tangerine) but my reasons were based on having seen them used on TV food programmes (always in red). As I consider myself intelligent enough to see through this blatant product placement I decided to question my desires. Both makes have been around for a very long time, Kenwood since the 50’s and Kitchenaid since before that and it seems that both have built up strong brand loyalty. I haven’t inherited a preference myself, growing up it was only the ‘Blackpool landlady’ faction of my family who aspired to the Kenwood Chef with all the attachments.
After some research I am drawn more towards Kenwood, originally and for most of its existence a British company. The design of the Chef stayed relatively unchanged from the early 60’s and has a great retro look, a bit more edgey than the US 50’s-diner style Kitchenaid. The fact that the Chef was considered to be ‘over engineered’ contributed to its robust and reliable reputation. So instead of rushing off to John Lewis to buy new I have saved a deserving vintage Chef from landfill. Christmas has come early at The Laundry and my life has just taken a turn for the better.
And not only that ….. it is TANGERINE.

Vintage Kenwood in tangerine

I love the old ad, it’s just fabulous.

I am desperate for a mixer like this myself, is santa listening??

Comment by Bev 12.14.07 @ 9:52 pm

hello – could you please tell me the model number of your groovy tangerine Kenwood Chef? thank you!

Comment by sf 08.15.11 @ 10:13 am

It is a Kenwood Chef A901

Comment by laundryetc 08.15.11 @ 6:46 pm

I’ve got that very same model in tangerine (sadly out of production over twenty years ago). Missus makes me hide it in the cupboard as it doesn’t make the Kitchen…shame.

Comment by Andrew 08.21.11 @ 3:06 pm