Monday November 05th 2007, 7:06 pm

Gordon Ramsay - Photograph by Marie Louise Avery

The other day I saw a programme on TV called ‘Brat Camp’ where unruly, out of control teenagers are sent away to live rough for a week in an attempt to make them into human beings. Swear words streamed from the mouth of one young girl and left me thinking, what will she think when she sees herself in years to come, captured on film for all the world to see. The next day I saw Gordon Ramsay on TV and there seemed to be an uncanny resemblance. Is he really like that or is it just a TV persona. If he stops swearing will Channel 4 drop him?

I’ve decided to start the ‘Stop Swearing Gordon’ campaign. Don’t get me wrong, I like a bit of swearing and my reasons don’t spring from a prudish standpoint. A good swear word used at the right moment can be very effective. Someone needs to explain to him that the whole point of swearing is to add emphasis to conversation. The campaign starts here – next step, lapel badges!


ha ha. This made me laugh. I’ve just watched Gordon’s Kitchen Nightmares on TV. You are SO right – swearing should add emphasis, it completely loses the point when peppered meaninglessly throughout conversation. Sign me up for that lapel badge!

Comment by Debbie 11.06.07 @ 11:39 pm

you can add me too…i totally agree that at the right time swearing can be highly effective, but used all the time it looses it edge…my mum was very good at this…when a swear word came out of her mouth then you knew it was time to drop the subject and run for the hills…i like to think i have the same affect in my family, alas i am not so gifted as my mother 🙂

Comment by Tif 11.07.07 @ 2:12 am

I think swearing shows a complete lack of imagination and more. I hear so many people swearing where every other word is a blasphemy.. get out the dictionary I say.. and start quoting Shakespeare instead! Oh did I say that?

Comment by Michele 11.15.07 @ 8:45 pm