Wednesday July 16th 2008, 6:27 pm

Onion growing, variety Kelsae

What is so great about gardening is that as a vast ocean of a subject there are always new things to discover and be interested in. You can be passionate about herbaceous borders one minute and then find that your focus has gone elsewhere and suddenly growing potatoes has become all consuming. I do love flowers but right now it is vegetables that really get me going.

Pea tendrils

I suppose these photographs should be called plant portraits and I like them because they are just shades of green. Plants don’t have to be ‘in your face’, colourful and blousey to be admired and these have the added advantage of being only a short hop from your dinner plate.

A flower turns into a pea

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Monday June 09th 2008, 11:13 pm

The first tomato fruit starting to form.

At long last the sun is beating down and things in the garden are starting to grow. Everything has been at a standstill for the last 4 weeks or so and this change in the weather is just what’s needed to kick start the seedlings from infancy on to their adolescent stage. The peas have begun to twine around their supports, the first tomato is starting to swell on the vine and the blueberries are filling out with the first hint of blue.

As the peas start to scramble up the pea sticks the tendrils hold on for dear life.

The tomato terrace is coming along nicely, thank you, and so far I am growing 8 different tomato varieties including a white tomato which I found at a farmers market in Bristol the other day. I love unusual things but I have to admit that a white tomato is getting pretty weird even for me. A tomato, basil and mozzarella salad made with this ‘White Beauty’ variety could no longer be called ‘tricolore’. I am still on the look out for a green tomato that is green even when completely ripe and am intrigued to know what colour it would be in its unripened state. Presumably at the end of the season you would need to leave them on the window sill to ripen and turn from green to …. green.
Anyhow, who cares. It’s summer at last, and that’s official.

Blueberries starting to ripen.