Sunday March 16th 2008, 3:10 pm

blood oranges

I bought some unwaxed oranges the other day and had a nice suprise when I cut into them to find they were in fact blood oranges. I think both of these properties mean that they aren’t good keepers. The season for blood oranges is from December time to the beginning of April. I could make an exotic cocktail with them or use them in a salad with beetroot or something equally colourful but they are so fantastic as they are that no other preparation is needed.

We’ve been scoffing loads of these this season – they are so sweet, that the children adore them.

Comment by Ali 03.16.08 @ 4:16 pm

I have seen things written about blood oranges as if the ruby colouring inside is considered off putting and unappealing but I think they look beautiful inside. I’m glad to hear that your children think so too Ali, it must be good to see them enjoying something so healthy. In fact I didn’t eat the oranges from the picture like that, I made them into orange curd and served it with chocolate cake. It looked and tasted fabulous.

Comment by laundryetc 03.17.08 @ 1:57 pm

Hi, thanks for the comment, i almost cried! And i’m a man! Nice blog here too, i love the retro look! Mind if i add u 2 my blogroll, i alway like to ask! Where abouts are u based then?

Comment by vegmonkey 03.26.08 @ 10:55 pm