Saturday March 01st 2008, 4:30 pm

kitchen tools

This week I bought a couple of 50’s kitchen units and found these tools in the drawer. I can now do crinkle-cut chips and butter curls. I particularly like the tomato knife but don’t know quite how the design is so suited for cutting tomatoes. It is a great shape all the same.

Wonderful. I love the colours!

Comment by Rebecca 03.01.08 @ 7:45 pm

That’s a great photo – I think the shape at the end of the tomato knife is to move the slice of tomato once you have cut it without loosing the seeds. My brother has one (but doesn’t use it much!).

Comment by Ali 03.02.08 @ 8:03 pm

Love this pic – perfect for thePictureKitchen! xx

Comment by Marielou 03.25.08 @ 6:27 pm